Ways to secure your data and prevent it from being stolen when using money transfer apps

There are many ways that hackers and thieves can get to your sensitive information when using money transfer apps if you are not that careful. Although having your funds go through your mobile can be more convenient for you, it can also cause problems if you don’t make ways to secure your data.


Be careful of the apps you download

Some apps require you to grant them permission to access certain information from your mobile in order to work. You need to use secure payment services apps, because it is crucial that you only get the ones that are legitimate and have a good track record before you download and sign up for their service. If not, you may be opening yourself up to fakes that use that mobile app to mine your information from you to use in identity theft.

Granting app permissions 

Permitting apps to access your storage and contacts can allow them to get into your files and contact list for them to use as they please. It is vital to limit the number of apps that you allow to do so for you to be able to keep your data as private as possible. 

Get a password strategy

Although it may be easier for you to be able to access your mobile transfer apps without having to log in with a password, this may be unsafe for you in the long run. If you lose your phone, then the person who gets it will be able to access your account information quickly and use that mobile app for transactions before you get a chance to shut it down on your end.

Don’t keep on using the same password

You should also come up with a password strategy for all your accounts to keep all your information safe. Don’t use the same password you use on your social media for your emails or mobile banking app. This will minimize the damage in case a hacker gets a hold of one of your passwords. 

Keep to secured networks

Connecting through public or free Wi-Fi is very convenient, especially when you are always on the go and need to connect to a network quickly. But this also poses a lot of privacy threats. Hackers and fraudsters can get into your personal information through route accesses in these kinds of networks. You should avoid making online payment transactions through these public networks so that the data you have stored in your mobile money transfer apps would stay secured.

For safer payment transactions

You can also use a virtual private network, or VPN, to create a more secure private connection. This may cost you a monthly fee to do so, but it will be able to keep your data safe from being hacked and stolen. You can connect to public Wi-Fi through a VPN to make your online transactions safer. However, if you do have to make a secure online transaction, then it is best to connect through your mobile provider to ensure that payment transactions are safer.